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Unicorn Onesie for Adults | Pink or Blue Unicorn Kigurumis

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Buy this super-cute unicorn onesie and get a free pair of Kigurumi slippers with this promo code - 61PSXWSF3J4Y
Say "hell yes” to this cozy AF unicorn onesie for adults! Show all of the unicorn deniers what’s up with your cute new kigurumi. Magic does exist and your unicorn kigurumi is the proof. They can either accept it, or they can get the horn.

Wear your new hooded unicorn onesie anywhere you want. It can easily go from bed to the coffee shop, or anywhere in between.

Need a Plus Size Onesie? Our Unicorn Kigurumis have got you covered!

All of our adult kigurumi pajamas come in the following sizes:

S, M, L, XL (US Sizing. Please see photos for sizing chart)

How Cute are These Unicorn Kigurumi Pajamas?

You’ll be pretty effing cute in them.

How Much to Ship My Unicorn Onesie for Adults?

$0. You read that correctly, you pay nothing in shipping costs. That does get expensive for us though. Rather than raise the price of our kigurumis to offset shipping costs we offer shipping times of 2-3 weeks.

Is it any wonder everyone seems so angry all of the time? They’ve all stopped believing in the magical things in life. Give them a reminder with this uber-cute unicorn onesie. Buy yours today and you'll be flying into cozy-town before you know it.