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Hippo Onesie Pajamas for Adults | Flannel Kigurumi

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You’ll love this super cute pair of flannel hippo adult onesie pajamas. Button up and get ready to take the fast-train to cozy-ville. Your new hoodie pajamas are going to be the star of the show, no matter where you wear them.

How Cute will I be in my New Flannel Adult Onesie Pajamas?

Our scientific research puts you at a cuteness level of 102, out of 100, in your new onesie pajamas.

So These Flannel Onesies are Cute but are They Gonna be Too Warm?

You new hippo onesie comes from our flannel onesie collection. These flannel onesies are lighter in weight than our fleece onesies so you shouldn't get too hot in them.

If you’re planning on wearing your new kigurumi in a cooler climate, check out our fleece kigurumis. They’re made of mid-weight polar fleece and will be much warmer.

Your Adult One Piece Pajamas are Available In What Sizes?

S, M, L, XL (US Sizing. Please see photos for sizing chart)

How Much to Ship These Hippo Kigurumi Pajamas?

For you? Nothing. We pay for all shipping of our products to keep your costs down. To keep our shipping costs down please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (shipping gets really expensive, sorry).

Want to be cute and cozy, but you're still wearing boring-ass two-piece pajamas? Quit being a hippo-crite! Buy your new pair of hippo kigurumi pajamas today, and you'll be the coziest creature on the savanna.