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Goat Onesie for Adults | Kigurumi Style Adult Onesie Pajamas

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A goat onesie for adults? I herd that! You’re sure to love these super cozy adult onesie pajamas complete will all the must-need accessories. These button-up fleece onesies have an easy-to-use drawstring that’ll keep your hood secure for action photo-ops and convenient pockets for holding your keys, phones, or other party gear all night long.

How Cute will I Look, On a Scale of 1-100, in Your New Adult Onesie Pajamas?

Our scientific research puts you at a cuteness level of 102 in your new onesie pajamas.

Are These Fleece Onesies Warm Also.

All of our fleece onesies use fleece that is weighted at 240 m2. This is the same weight that is used in spring\fall fleece jackets. You’ll be warm enough to be cozy, but not so much that you’re over-heating in it.

If you’re planning on wearing your new kigurumi in the summer, check out our flannel kigurumis. They’re made of light-weight cotton and will feel much cooler to wear.

What Sizes are Your Adult One Piece Pajamas are Available In?

S, M, L, XL (US Sizing. Please see photos for sizing chart)

How Much to Ship These Goat Onesie Pajamas?

For you? Nothing. We pay for all shipping of our products to keep your costs down. To keep our shipping costs down please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (shipping gets really expensive, sorry).

Don’t kid yourself. This goat onesie for adults is a must-have addition to your kigurumi pajama wardrobe. They’re super cute and just plain baaad-ass. Your adult onesie pajamas have a tiny tail and adorable plush horns that demand to be squeezed. Order yours today, and find out for yourself.

Get your whole crew something sweet when you opt for our barnyard kigu one piece hoodie pajamas.

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