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Frog Onesie for Adults | Kigurumi Pajamas for Men & Women

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Who's gonna say "no" to this cute AF frog onesie for adults! Only a crazy person would. Don't be that crazy person! Say "yes" to warmth, comfort, and your own kooky sense of style with your new frog kigurumi pajamas. Chillin' out has never looked or felt this great.

Slippers and gloves are sold separately.

Looking for a Little More Info on These Kigurumi Pajamas?

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  • Free Shipping - (it takes a little longer though, up to 2-3 weeks. Our competitors are faster, but they're also about twice the price).
  • Warm & Cozy - This frog onesie is made from uber-cozy flannel material.
  • S, M, L & XL - None of that one-size fits all nonsense here.
  • Back Booty Zipper - For all of your bathroom going needs.
  • Machine Washable - Because we know you ain't trying to hand wash anything.

This Frog Onesie for Adults will be your new go-to Outfit.

Once you try it on your frog onesie pajamas you'll never want to take them off. Chillin' in bed reading? Wear them. Binge watching trash TV with the gang? Wear them. Casual Friday at the office? Definitely wear them. I mean seriously, wtf were they expecting for casual Friday? Buy your pair today and the possibilities for comfort are endless.