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Animal Paw Fingerless Mittens with Flap

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Finally! A cute AF pair of fingerless mittens that matches your personality. These animal paw mittens will look great with your new kigurumi pajamas, or any other outfit you decide to wear them with. You have the choice of wearing these mittens with the flap closed, to keep your fingers warm, or you can button the flap open and have full use of your fingers.

Just How Cute are These Fingerless Mittens?

These animal paw mittens are really effing cute.

So They’re Cute. Are These Fingerless Mittens Warm Also?

These soft and cozy mittens are also plenty warm for those cold winter days.

What are These Mittens made From?

Our mittens are made from faux cashmere (polyester) & cotton.

What Size do These Mittens Come In?

Our mittens come in one-size fits most. If your hands are larger than average, they may be too small. 

What's the Deal with Shipping these Animal Paw Fingerless Mittens?

Shipping for our customers is always free. In order for us to afford to pay for everyone's free shipping our delivery times are a bit longer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

*Mittens and Kigurumi Pajamas Ship Separately*

So what are you waiting for? Order these super-cozy animal paw fingerless mittens today. You know you deserve it!

Customer Reviews

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Going For a month, all in good quality.


Even though the item was delayed, it was still worth the buy. Mittens are warm but can be a little tight on the thumbs. Good communication with the seller and no loose threads or damages to the items.


Excellent gloves. Very Nice, soft material, good sat in his hand,.


Animal Paw Fingerless Mittens with Flap


Very Very funny! Plush and pleasant to the touch. Order as a gift. Order these yourself! Thank you