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Easter Bunny Onesie for Adults | Pink or Blue Available

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Check out this super-cute Easter bunny onesie for adults. Whether you're chillin' at the house or at an Easter egg hunt in the park, you're going to be looking cute AF in your new kigurumi onesie. These cozy onesie pajamas aren't just for Easter. Wear them any time of the year you're craving comfort.

Other than Being Super-Cute, What are the Other Benefits of These Kigurumi Pajamas?

We're really glad you asked that question...

  • Free Shipping - It takes longer than some of the other shops, about 2-3 weeks. We're also about half the price because of this. Shipping is expensive and we're just trying to keep everyone's costs down.
  • Oh-so Cozy - Our Easter Bunny onesie is made from soft and cozy flannel.
  • S, M, L & XL - Our competitor only offers one-size fits all.
  • Front Pockets - So you can hide all of your Easter chocolates.
  • Machine Washable - For when you forget that you were hiding all of your Easter chocolates in your pockets.
  • Rear Zipper - Even the Easter Bunny needs to use the bathroom.
  • Pink or Blue - 2 cute colors to choose from.

Just Picture how Cute You're Going to be in your new Easter Bunny Onesie Pajamas?

So why wait any longer? Buy your Easter Bunny onesie today and make this Easter especially fun. Buy them for yourself or for that special someone you know could use a little comfort this Easter.