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Black Pig Onesie Pajamas | Kigurumis for Adults

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Enjoy the super-cozy feel of these adorable black pig onesie pajamas. Whether you're wearing them to sleep in, chill on the couch, or dancing your tail off in the club, these kigurumi pajamas are going to be your next go-to outfit. Once you try them on, you're never going to want to take them off.

Kigurumi slippers are sold separately.

Other than Being Super-Cozy, What Else is so Great About these Kigurumis for Adults?

We're really glad you asked that question...

  • Free Shipping - We're not as fast as some of the other shops, but by shipping slow we can keep your costs down. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Flannel Pajamas - These black pig onesie pajamas are really cozy.
  • Plus Sizes Available - S, M, L & XL
  • Rear Zipper - No need to get undressed for bathroom breaks.
  • Easy Care - All of our Kigurumi pajamas are machine washable.

These Black Pig Onesie Pajamas Sound Great, Right?

We're sure you'll agree that lounging around the house in these cute AF black pig onesie pajamas sounds pretty effing awesome. So why wait? Buy your pair today and before you know it you're going to be the coziest mo-fo in the house.