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Cat Onesie for Adults | Kigurumi Style Adult Onesie Pajamas

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Channel your inner “crazy cat lady” with these super-cozy adult onesie pajamas. These cute AF black cat kigurumi are puff-fect for anything from a Netflix marathon, to dancing in the club, to anywhere you may find yourself in between.

Once you wear this incredibly soft fleece onesie, you’ll never go back to “normal” pajamas again.

How Warm Will I Be in These Cat Fleece Onesies?

These kigurumi pajamas are made from polar fleece. Our polar fleece is weighted at 240g M2, which is considered mid-weight for fleece onesies.

It'll definitely keep you warm, but not so thick that you'll be roasting in it. If you live in a warmer environment, you may want to check out our lighter-weight flannel kigurumis.

What Sizes do these Adult Onesies Available In?

S, M, L, XL (US Sizing. Please see photos for sizing chart)

What is the Shipping Price for My Black Cat Kigurumi Pajamas?

Shipping is always free for our customers. To keep our shipping costs down please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (we ain't rich yo').

How Effing Cute will I Look in my New Adult Onesie Pajamas?

Purrr-ty effing cute.

Why should your cat be the only one laying around the house doing nothing and loving it? Show that free-loader how to take lounging to a whole new level in your ultra-soft black cat onesie. You may never wanna leave the house again.

Gotta BFF who wants to lounge around with you? Grab them a pair of our mouse adult onesie pajamas for a cute cat & mouse combo.

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