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Bear Onesie for Adults | Kigurumi Style Adult Onesie Pajamas

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Wanna be like a bear and hibernate the winter away all warm and cozy? Well, now you can with these cute bear kigurumi pajamas.

Throw on these soft AF adult onesie pajamas, get some Netflix on, and veg until spring arrives. After you see how fun and cozy these PJs are you’ll never settle for boring-ass two-piece pajamas again.

How Warm are These Fleece Onesies?

This line of kigurumi is made from polar fleece. Our polar fleece is weighted at 240 grams per square meter, which is considered mid-weight for fleece onesies.

It'll definitely keep you warm, but not so thick that you'll be sweating to death in it. If you live in a warmer environment, you may want to check out our lighter-weight flannel kigurumis.

What Sizes do these Adult Onesies Available In?

S, M, L, XL (US Sizing. Please see photos for sizing chart)

What's up with Shipping My New Bear Kigurumi?

Shipping is always free for our customers. To keep our shipping costs down please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery (we ain't rich yo').

How Effing Cute will I Look in my New Adult Onesie Pajamas?

Pretty effing cute.

Are you ready to veg out on the couch, and be cozy AF doing it? Order one of these bear inspired adult onesie pajamas today and be prepared to take lounging to a whole new level. Wear your new bear kigurumi while chillin’ at home, dancing at the club, or to your favorite chill coffee spot.

Got a BFF you love hangin’ with? Grab an extra pair of these hooded pajamas from our bear kigurumi collection.

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Looks great

size match, good fabric, sturdy. all in received the goods satisfied. thank you.