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Sloth Onesie for Adults | Kigurumi Pajamas for Women & Men

Regular price $35.99

Holy crap! An adult sloth onesie that's warm, cozy, and cute AF? Umm, yes please! Once you see just how cozy these kigurumi pajamas are, you may never want to take them off. Why should you? You deserve to be this cute and comfortable no matter where you are.

So, Why SHould you Buy your new Kigurumi Pajamas from Us?

We're really glad you asked...

  • Quality Material - This sloth onesie is made from polar fleece that is weighted at 240 grams per square meter. That's about the same weight as a light-weight fleece jacket. It'll keep you warm, but not so hot that you're sweating in it.
  • NOT one-size fits all - Which is what our competitors sell. How the f is that supposed to be cozy?
  • Plus size available - S, M, L & XL.
  • Unisex Design - Looks great on both men & women.
  • Machine Washable - Easy to clean.
  • Free Shipping - It takes longer though. Up to three weeks. That's how we're able to sell for half the price of anyone else. They ship fast and then inflate their prices to cover the costs

This Sloth Onesie for Adults is going to be a Game Changer in Comfort.

We’re not trying to get all philo-sloth-ical on you, but chillin' out on the couch in your new adult sloth onesie might be as close as you'll ever get to heaven. So why deny yourself that? Buy yourself a pair of kigurumi pajamas today and before you know it you're going to be the coziest MF on the block.