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5 Fun Things to do in Your New Kigurumi Adult Onesies

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Let’s face it; being a grown-up can be boring AF. Get up, get dressed, go to work, go to bed, repeat. To hell with that noise. If you’re looking for some fun to break up the monotony, buy yourself a pair of kigurumi adult onesies.

Adult onesies aren’t just for lounging around the house binge-watching Netflix. There are tons of fun things you can do in your new kigurumi onesie. Below we list just five fun things you can do in your new onesie.

Organize an Adult Onesie Ski Trip with Your Tribe

A ski trip with the gang always makes for a fun weekend. What could make this trip even more fun? All of you dressing in your favorite adult onesie pajamas while hitting the slopes.

Our fleece onesies are baggy enough to fit over your ski-clothes and toasty enough to add another layer of warmth. Check out just how much fun your next ski trip can be.

Wear Your Onesie Costumes for Cool Dance Videos

Not quite sure how to express to your friends and social media followers just how much of an awesome dork you really are? Throw on one of your favorite onesie costumes and hit the local park to show off your dance moves.

These videos will leave no doubt that dorks are a whole lot more fun to follow online than boring-ass make-up reviewers. Who knows, maybe these videos will even go viral.

You and Your Partner can Wear your Couples Pajamas to Holiday Gatherings

Are you tired of showing up to the family holiday gatherings and seeing that only the kids are enjoying the spirit of the holidays? Well not anymore dammit! Wearing couples pajamas on your next trip home for the holidays is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Who knows, maybe you’ll start a fun new family tradition.

5 Fun Things to do in Your New Kigurumi Adult Onesies

Wear These Hilarious Pajamas While Having a Dance-off at the Park

Tired of working all week with nothing to look forward to on the weekends? How about organizing Sunday morning dance-offs at the park while wearing some hilarious pajamas? Grab your crew, pack a lunch, and get ready to put some smiles on some faces.

Post your new videos online and challenge other crews to do the same. Just make sure you’re ready for some internet stardom as your weekend dance-offs go viral.

Organize a Flash-Mob Hug Fest in Your Adult Onesie Pajamas

Tired of not making a difference in your community? Upset by all of the unhappy faces you’re passing on the street each day? Well, now you can make a difference. Grab a group of friends, throw on your adult onesie pajamas, and get ready to make a whole lot of people happy.

Flash-mob hug fests are a great way to get out into your community and make it a better place to live. Just check out this video to see how many smiles this mob generated. Don’t forget, happiness is contagious.


So What are You Waiting For?

Grab yourself and a friend a pair of these kigurumi adult onesies and see how much fun life can really be. These are only five suggestions for you, the possibilities are endless.

Have a great idea for something fun to do in an adult onesie (while keeping it clean)? Please post your ideas below. We’d love to hear from you.


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