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Kigu Onesies for Men - 6 Cute Kigurumis for Your Special Guy

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Tired of having your partner stealing all of the blankets in the middle of the night? Our fleece Kigu onesies for men will make sure he’s all warm and toasty while he sleeps so he doesn’t need to.

We’ve scoured our collection for the 6 cutest onesie pajamas for men. Buy them for your boyfriend, dad, brother, or any special guy in your life. They’re sure to appreciate it.

Your Dude needs one of these Bear Onesies for Men in his Life

Gotta guy who just wants to hibernate all winter long? Well, now he can in a pair of these bear onesies for men. Just make sure the two of you are on the same page here. Once he slips these kigurumi pajamas on, he’ll bear-ly ever want to leave the house. And why should he? It’s effing cold outside.

Bear onesies for men

Get your Disney Loving Guy This Cute AF Stitch Onesie

Do you and your guy love curling up on the couch with a Disney marathon? Well grab the popcorn and get ready to chill. Once he’s in his new blue stitch onesie, he won’t be going anywhere, except maybe to make more popcorn.

Grab yourself a pink stitch onesie while you’re at it and you’ll be the cutest couple in the ‘hood.

stitch onesies for men

Cut the Bullsh*t in these Super Cozy Bull Onesies for Men

Is your guy the proverbial “Bull in the China Shop”? Well then, have him dress the part in these cozy bull onesies. Our Kigu pajamas are super cute and perfect for those chilly winter nights. Your guy is going to love slipping into these pajamas and cuddling up on the couch with you.

Kigu Onesies for Men - 6 Cute Kigurumis for Your Special Guy

Your Dude is Gonna go Crazy for This Dragon Onesie for Adults

Is your guy a fan of the fantasy genre? Does he love watching dragons destroy whatever the hell they set their sights on? Then grab him this dragon onesie as soon as effing possible. Why wait? Winter is coming after all.

What the hell, grab an extra pair of these Kigu pajamas for you too. The two of you can tear up the countryside together.

dragon onesies for men

Anime Onesies for Adults are all the Rage this Year

Let’s face it, nearly everyone loves anime. The characters, the storylines and the artwork are almost always top-notch. That’s especially true with one of our favorite anime movies; Hamtaro.

If your guy is a big fan of this little hamster, check out our Hamtaro anime onesies. This onesie is perfect for either lounging around the house or going on adventures with the other ham-hams in the neighborhood.

hamtaro onesies for men

Our Dinosaur Kigu Onesies for Men are Dino-mite

If all your guy wants to do is Jurrasic-park his ass on the couch all weekend, these dinosaur Kigu onesies are the perfect gift. Grab yourself a pair while you’re at it and recreate classic scenes from your favorite dino-movies together.

dinosaur kigu onesies for men

Which Kigu Onesies for Men are Your Favorites?

Have a favorite onesie for men on our site we didn’t cover? Please feel free to mention it in the comments below. We love hearing from our Kigu fans.


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